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Today I’m sharing my winter to spring eco and vegan capsule wardrobe essentials!


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Most post days I spend so much time in front of a screen, laboring away, that I almost always end up baking something when I finish. In order to celebrate with something delicious? Sure. But also to have something manual to do that doesn’t involve screens. And baking is such a gratifying task, isn’t it? Unlike many other tasks you may do around the house, there’s a final product that involves eating. My favorite. (And thanks to this frequent post-baking pairing of mine, I have a couple yummy recipes that I will be sharing with you soon soon soon. Well, as soon as I figure out how to film a recipe video in our kitchen that isn’t just an overhead shot…)

The good news is, though, that I’ve figured out how to shoot capsule wardrobe content. (That is… I got a clothing rack – essential.) So today I’m delighted to share with you some of my favorite eco and vegan pieces from both my winter and spring capsules! Hooray!

I know it’s tricky to outfit yourself all in eco… what with most sustainable brands being online, and therefore, out of “trying on” reach. I am so aware of the challenges, and, trust me, I feel your pain. It’s also true that sometimes buying from eco or sustainable brands can be a bit more expensive. But… be that as it may, these days we can’t just turn a blind eye to the sinister fast fashion world. (Definitely watch The True Cost if you haven’t yet.)

Well, you can, but you may not sleep well at night. And chances are, if you’re visiting Veggie Magnifique, you’re seeking to live better and sleep well at night. The key here? As always – Progress not perfection – i.e. one piece at time {…}

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Photographs: Alyssa Levy of Blue Locket

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???? Noize Parka:
???? Save the Duck:
???? Vaute Couture (defunct), something similar-ish:
???? Will’s Vegan Store Leather Jacket:
???? Muji organic cotton turtleneck:
???? Will’s Vegan Store Gray Sweater:
???? Everlane black slacks, similar-ish:
???? Sys Hats on Etsy:
???? WVS Chelsea Boots Luxe:
???? WVS Sneaker Boots (these run big, size down):
???? WVS Brown Biker Boots… sadly no long in stock, here’s some similar black ones:

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???? PROJECT 333:

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