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why I’m starting to hate the sustainable fashion movement *let me explain*

Very much scared to upload this video because of how it may be interpreted, but hopefully I made sense and I just wanted to share the thoughts I’ve been having the past year and just give context..☀️ CLICK BELOW FOR MORE ????????

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Just wanted to say I am SO THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE of this job, but specifically being in the sustainable fashion movement, I very much have this internal struggle to know what is right because there is valid criticism on both sides so no matter what I do I can truly never win. I just wanted to give context as to why I’ve uploaded certain videos and why at the end of 2020 I had been putting out so many thrift hauls. I love love LOVE thrifting, but I also understand doing massive thrift hauls every single week doesn’t necessarily go with my mission to promote sustainable fashion and buying. I wanted to share also because with there being so many gray areas within this movement, you may have also experienced this dilemma or just the constant back and forth of trying to be perfect. At the end of the day, I know I need to just do what I think is best and not be over consumed by making every single person happy. Hopefully this video made sense and just thank you for supporting me and watching ❤️

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– What’s the “83” mean? Is that your birth year? NO, the “83” is for 08/03 = 83 which is my birthday (August 3rd). Basically alexasunshine was taken ????
– Why do you thrift? To stop my consumption of fast fashion due to the horrible treatment of workers and the negative environmental impact of waste fast fashion produces. I recommend the documentary The True Cost ????????
– Are your plants real? NO, all my plants are artificial!
-Are your candles real? No, they are flameless.

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