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Vegan Beauty at Soko Glam

Introducing Vegan at Soko Glam!

As a continuation from our recent skincare report for Clean Beauty, we will tackle yet another popular and rising trend within the beauty industry; vegan beauty.

At Soko Glam we define vegan beauty as being a trend suitable for your lifestyle. Vegan beauty is about prioritizing the source of the ingredient and incorporating ingredients that don’t contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve decided to curate a Vegan at Soko Glam collection to provide you with a resource to not scare you away from certain products that contain animal or animal derived ingredients, but to simply provide you with more transparency for those looking to continue or transition to a vegan beauty lifestyle.

And in order to get, Vegan at Soko Glam just right, we made sure to reach out to all of our brand partners directly to help us determine which products within our curation on Soko Glam met those standards.

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