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Valerie Cody American social media influencer, fashion model, successful author Biography

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Valerie Cody American social media influencer, fashion model, successful author Biography
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Valerie Cody is an American social media influencer, fashion model, and successful author, born on August 25, 1999.
She became famous by posting modeling and bikini pictures on her Instagram, attracting a dedicated following of 354k fans.
Her body measurements are 34, 25, 36 inches. Height is 5 feet 6 inches. Weight is 57 kg.
Hair color is radiant blonde. Eye color is striking blue. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
In 2012, Valerie entered a lifelong journey with Ross Cody, a committed advocate of the vegan lifestyle, creating an inspiring love story.
September 18, 2012, marked a significant career milestone when Valerie launched her YouTube channel, offering meditational videos aimed at motivating and uplifting her audience.
Going beyond social media fame, Valerie ventured into literature, debuting as an author in 2019 with “The Beauty Alchemist” and later releasing “Sugar Words.”
Alongside her triumphs, Valerie’s life had moments of sorrow, notably with the loss of her beloved canine companion, Sundae Cody, on February 7, 2023.
Valerie Cody’s journey from aspiring model to a notable figure in social media and literature reflects the power of determination and creativity.
Valerie Cody’s journey emphasizes resilience and an unwavering pursuit of passion.
Valerie makes a lasting impact through modeling, social media, and literature, embodying determination and spreading positivity.

Credit: Valerie Cody and Team

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