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Kids LOVE The Ariel Belt!! | TruthBelts | Vegan Vegetarian Belts & Fashion

This adorable kid is here to tell you all about the awesome Ariel belt! And I’m glad she’s on my side, because she’s the best spokesperson I’ve ever seen, for anything!

The belt she’s showing off is the Ariel vegan belt. It’s designed specifically for young kids, and comes in a wide range of different colours and styles to fit most every personality. Check them out at

Live your Truth, and respect others

Truth Belts is an independently owned vegan belt and vegan fashion company located in Toronto Canada.

Since 2001, Truth’s mission has been to provide people like you with the highest quality of vegan belts and vegan fashion accessories at competitive prices.

It doesn’t matter who you are! Whether you’re a high-rolling executive, a down-to-Earth hippie, or anyone in between, you’ll find a Truth Belt to meet your needs.

Check out Truth’s many fun and stylish products, and see for yourself!

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