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Guys TROLL delusional vegan

Guys TROLL delusional vegan

Why should YOU be vegan? Watch this to find out:

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❗️If you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser
❗️Veganism is an ethical view against slavery, r*pe, torture, abuse & murder of non-human animals. Every moment you choose NOT to be vegan, non-human animals are abused & murdered on YOUR behalf
❗️Animals are forced into slaughterhouses, brutally murdered & their flesh chopped into pieces for you to consume their body parts
❗️Dairy cows are r*ped & forcibly impregnated to produce milk for humans to profit from, steal & consume (dairy). When mother dairy cows give birth, their babies are KIDNAPPED from them & murdered if they’re born male
❗️The egg industry enslaves chickens & murders egg laying hens once they don’t produce enough eggs. The baby male chicks are macerated ALIVE the moment they’re born
❗️ The flesh (meat), dairy, egg, honey, skin (leather), wool, fur, down (feathers), scales, silk, non-human animal breeding (pets), captivity (zoos & aquariums), entertainment (circuses), racing (horse & greyhounds) & testing (beauty products etc.) industries are exploitative, abusive & UNETHICAL
❗️Do YOU choose violence, abuse & murder OR veganism?

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Tash is an animal rights activist based in Perth, Western Australia. She has been featured and interviewed on various media outlets across the world including UniLad, New York Post, Sky News Australia & Piers Morgan Uncensored UK. The Project and Flashpoint Australia have also aired featured stories about her activism on national TV. Tash is known for her unique and controversial style of activism, which she states is essential for social awareness and change, because civil disobedience generates attention to animal rights through media exposure.

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