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Episode 14 – The Vegan Fashion Show

Have you joined the vegan fashion movement yet? Over the years, fashion trends have been changing all around the world. In recent years, we have witnessed the growth of a new era in fashion. Ever heard of “Vegan Fashion” ?

Vegan fashion is entirely cruelty-free. The main goal of vegan fashion is to stop animal cruelty caused by the industry. The leather that we use comes from the skin of pigs, cows, or even alligators. Animal fur also comes from the skin of beavers, coyotes, lambs, rabbits and foxes. The objective of vegan fashion brands is to eradicate such animal cruelty by offering cruelty-free and vegan substitutes for these materials. Many brands are going in this direction and producing cruelty-free vegan fashion.

Giving up meat, dairy and other food from animals is the biggest change vegans make to their lives. However, more vegans are now extending their beliefs to fashion. There is a big increase in the sales of vegan clothing, footwear and accessories. Vegan fashion that has transformed the fashion industry and is constantly proving that it is here to stay. Veganism promotes the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free living habits. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the products we buy and the businesses we support, every choice we make is a statement.

Global organizations like PETA have reported large scale animal abuse for the sake of fashion. The leather industry especially is filled with labor abuse, lack of regulations, tanneries employing child labor and endangering the community and workers with toxic chemicals. Due to public campaigns and demand from consumers for transparency and accountability, the fashion world has now adopted a more compassionate approach.

Making the switch to vegan fashion isn’t as complicated and as expensive as many think. Replacements for conventional animal-based materials produced in nature-friendly ways, are gaining pace. A major shift in fashion production is underway, with a swell in the number of fashion brands experimenting with so-called next-generation materials like vegan leather. With the rising popularity of veganism globally, especially after the pandemic, a new side of fashion i.e. vegan fashion is becoming more and more relevant.

And on this episode we had a fabulous talk with Angie Bell, actress, animal activist, host & spokesmodel of The Vegan Fashion Show on first time here in Toronto, Canada. The event will be on October 2 at 5pm at Longboat Hall, Toronto and you can get your tickets at

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