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CALISTA Black Textured Vegan Leather Pencil Midi Dress // UNDRESS APODYOPSIS dress collection

CALISTA. She wore a dress like a loaded gun.

Introducing the CALISTA Black Textured Vegan Leather Pencil Midi Dress – a fashion-forward masterpiece that combines elegance and sustainability. This exquisite dress boasts a stunning pencil skirt silhouette that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go.

UNDRESS from the very beginning, was always about the feeling. Perfectly tailored dresses made of premium fabrics are meant to not only send a subtle message of carelessness and liberty but they do as well award a great aesthetic pleasure to the person wearing them.

UNDRESS is a brand founded in 2015 that exclusively designs dresses. Clear forms, a monochromatic palette, and the idea of timeless simplicity are the core identity of UNDRESS.

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