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5 Tips for Creating Your Vegan Beauty Routine I Kia Charlotta

5 Tips for Creating Your Vegan Beauty Routine I Kia Charlotta
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By now many of us know that a lot of the beauty products that we use have been either tested on animals OR include animal derived ingredients in them. It might seem like an easy decision to just switch to vegan & cruelty-free products but then you go to the store and a sense of overwhelm takes over; which products are vegan? Which brands are cruelty-free? Where do I even find vegan & cruelty-free products? Switching your beauty routine to a vegan one may seem overwhelming at first but it’s actually not that difficult if you just remember a few things. In today’s blog and video we talk about our five tips for creating your vegan beauty routine and collection.

Learning about all the cruelty incl. the animal derived ingredients that are actually used in most of the beauty products we use is frustrating and heartbreaking. It never really even crosses most of our minds to think that there might be something from an animal in your beauty product which you use every single day. Like, WHY, right? However, if you have decided that you want to start creating a vegan beauty routine but don’t really know how or where to start here are five tips that can help you in the beginning.

Our first and best tip is to choose products which have a vegan certification/label or where it simply says loud and clear that it is vegan. This is much easier than starting to look at ingredients and trying to understand them in the hopes that you are picking up a vegan product. Keep in mind that you probably won’t find too many vegan products from your favorite brands which you have used do far, so you might have to branch out a little and discover new ones. It’s e.g. often easier to find the vegan labeled products with the clean/green/natural beauty products. It’s also good to keep a look out for the cruelty-free labels but just keep in mind that that label doesn’t mean the product is also vegan.

The next tip is to start to learn to recognize the non-vegan ingredients. There is a whole bunch of non-vegan ingredients in beauty products and it’s safe to say that most beauty products on the shelves are not vegan. However, the good news is that the majority of ingredients in our beauty products are actually vegan and only a small percentage of the ingredients are animal derived. This means it’s actually relatively easy to learn to recognize the non-vegan ingredients and read the INCI list of your product to see if it is vegan or not. Sure, this will take some time, but we promise that you will learn this in no time.
For starters you can learn about these five non-vegan ingredients often used in cosmetics.

This is a mistake that so many people do; they find out about all the animal derived ingredients in beauty/cosmetics and yes, it might then not feel good to wear them anymore therefore they throw the products out and get new ones. Trust us, it doesn’t make you any more or less vegan if you use the product that you already have to the end and gradually make the switch according to when you need a new product. This is not only more reasonable for your wallet but also much more sustainable. Also, in the beginning we all make mistakes. If you accidentally buy a non-vegan product than “learn your lesson”, move on and use it to the end anyway.

The beauty of the internet is that there is so much content on everything and anything and sure enough there are some amazing vegan beauty bloggers out there as well. There is no time like the present to gather up all the information on vegan beauty and new vegan product launches than the present. Following a couple of your favourite influencers will not only help keep you informed, but they will also help direct you to the actually good products which will help make sure your start to your vegan beauty routine is a positive one.

Now that you have all the resources and all the knowledge about vegan beauty products and brands, it’s time to discover some of your favourite vegan beauty brands. This you will realize is actually not as easy as it perhaps sounds as there are very few 100% vegan beauty brands out there but luckily, there are some, and there are some really good ones. Take your time to discover your favourite brands because, in the end, we all have different preferences.

Have an amazing day!

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