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Why You’re OVERWEIGHT Even Though You’re VEGAN + What To Do About It

Why You’re OVERWEIGHT Even Though You’re VEGAN + What To Do About It

Hey, beautiful people! In this video, we’re talking all about why you’re not losing weight on a vegan or plant-based diet and what to do about it. Truth is, many go vegan or plant-based for a healthy lifestyle, but get frustrated when they have little to no fat loss. Sound like you? If so, one of these easily overlooked reasons could be holding you back! Keep watching to crush those weight loss goals and thrive! And please remember while you’re on this journey, the goal is not “skinny”, it’s healthy!! 💜

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I’m Melissa and I teach people how to easily transition to a plant-based diet with easy, step-by-step wellness strategies that work. I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, certified health coach, and certified personal trainer. As a chronic illness overcomer, I now use what I’ve learned to empower others to live out their God-given purpose without sickness holding them back. On this channel, I share how to go plant-based, stay on the journey, cook delicious plant-based meals, plant-based nutrition information, and tips I’ve learned along the way–home for the plant-based newbie! Join me here, and let me help you make your plant-based dream come true!

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