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VEGAN vs ANIMAL FOODS | opposing perspectives with Kori Meloy

I sit down with my friend Kori Meloy to discuss our opposing views with veganism versus animal foods. We cover nutrition, ethics, and planetary health. We also cover navigating friendships with opposing views centered around respect and open heartedness.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you know that I l advocate for and live a whole foods plant-based vegan lifestyle. Kori advocates for a way of eating which includes plants and animal foods like raw dairy, organ meats, grass fed beef and eggs and is often called The Pro Metabolic lifestyle.

In this episode we cover:
– Kori’s reservations coming on the podcast and the types of messages she receives about having vegan friends
– Navigating friendships with differing views
– Nutrition: Where we find common and where we disagree
– Can we be healthy and get everything we need from a plant exclusive diet?
– the bioavailability of nutrition from plants versus animal foods
– Saturated fat, is significant consumption of animal foods healthy or not?
– LDL cholesterol and heart disease
– Beta carotene and Vitamin A/ Retinol
– Are nuts and seeds health promoting?
– PUFAS and processed seed oils
– Are all ethical vegans big animal lovers?
– Is there an ethical way to eat animals?
– Factory farming and animal exploitation
– Planetery health: plant-based diets versus animal foods
– Regenerative Grazing: Is it sustainable for the population?
– Deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction

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