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Thinking You May Want To Try a Vegetarian Diet but Not Sure Where To Start?

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Starting a vegetarian diet can be scary or overwhelming. You may feel like being a vegetarian means that you can never have meat again. A vegetarian diet is a word that describes eating mostly plant based foods. Some forms of this diet allow for options like fish or dairy products to be eaten.

Registered dietitian Julia Zumpano explains the benefits of incorporating a vegetarian diet in to your lifestyle. A good way to start is to ease into this change.

Suggestions include:
• Going meatless for one meal a week.
• Increasing the number of meatless meals each week.
• Include a source of protein with each meal such as beans, legumes, lentils, tofu, eggs, yogurt or cheese

Even if you choose to not make all of your meals meatless, adding more meatless options will have a positive result.

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