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These Are The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Protein Sources | Nutritionist Explains | Myprotein

What are the best vegetarian and vegan protein sources? Find out now from an expert nutritionist and nutrition consultant.

It’s a common misconception that people can’t get enough protein when following a vegetarian or vegan diet — but nutritionist and PhD researcher, Richie Kirwan, is here to prove that’s just not the case. Yes, it might take a little more planning and thought, but there are plenty of quality vegetarian and vegan protein sources out there for you to get your fill and hit your macro targets.

Watch now to find out exactly why protein is so important and which meat-free protein sources you should consider making part of your diet.

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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Why listen to Richie?
01:01 – Why do you need protein?
01:51 – Vegetarian sources of protein
03:49 – Vegan protein sources
08:45 – Plant-based protein powders
09:12 – Any questions?


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These Are The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Protein Sources | Nutritionist Explains | Myprotein

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