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These 10 Simple Tricks For Vegans To Reduce Hunger Levels (Implement or Keep Struggling!)

If you have ever failed a diet due to uncontrollable cravings and hunger, then you have to watch this video.

Here I breakdown my top 10 mindset tricks, and diet hacks to stay on track while dieting for fat loss without giving into hunger and cravings.

They are:

1. Accept it, it’s part of the process
2. Plan your phases – have a finish line
3. Eat as many calories as possible while still losing fat
4. Increase protein intake
5. Eat high volume, low calorie foods
6. Think long term
7. Establish consistent eating patterns
8. Avoid stress
9. Avoid crazy cardio protocols, walk instead
10. Sleep

Implement these strategies and your next fat loss phase will be successful.

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