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The Healing Process Is Ugly And Intense – Raw Vegan Detox Story

The body feels emotion and it holds pain. The beliefs you hold about yourself and the world, your emotions, your memories, and your habits all influence mental and physical health. The connection between what is going on in your mind and heart, and what is happening in your body, form the emotional roots of all disease.

Detoxing the body on raw foods and juices gets to the emotional root of disease and it’s triggering. It’s painful to face a part of yourself which you may not like to see, which you may be ashamed of, which you may be embarrassed about, or which just doesn’t serve your wellbeing, but in your darkest shadow lies the key to your healing. You must find the positive within the negative.

Do you have a health problem, an addiction, or nagging condition you are ready to heal? Tell yourself you don’t need to hide your shame any longer. Tell yourself something so much greater is waiting for you in your shadow! Once you own the ugly emotions it opens up so much room for beauty, fulfillment, purpose and healing. There is so much good waiting for you on the other side of detoxification!

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