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Summer Veg Vegan Lasagne I VEG HACKS

Summer Veg Vegan Lasagne I VEG HACKS

You really don’t need dairy to make a cracking lasagne, as this recipe proves. Cashew milk is the basis for a creamy, vegan bechamel sauce, infused with herbs and spices. This is very much a summer vegetable lasagne, using peas, fennel, courgettes and broccoli stalk (never waste the stalks!), but you can mix the veg up based on the season, and you can also try adding your own twists like adding some pesto in between the layers too.
It’s green, it’s comforting, it’s good for you, and tastes amazing. Definitely one for the whole family to enjoy.
Recipe by Dan from the dairy free milk geniuses, ReRooted Organic.
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