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Questioning Veganism – What Counts as an Animal and What Role Do Engineers Play?

Vegan Reflections is a series for Vegan FTA in which Jordi Casamitjana, the author of the book “Ethical Vegan”, has a conversation with vegan guests about some of the blogs on veganism and animal issues written by him on

Every month a new guest will choose two of the blogs published the month before, and the conversation will be around them.

Episode 1 of VEGAN REFLECTIONS covers the blogs published in November 2022 ( In particular, these two blogs:

The Meaning of “Animal” in Veganism. The zoologist Jordi Casamitjana explains the different meanings of the term “animal” in the context of veganism, and in all its dimensions.

Dr Sailesh Rao, The Vegan Engineer Healing the Breaking World. Jordi Casamitjana interviews Dr Sailesh Rao, a systems engineer trying to heal the planet and build the vegan world.

The guest of this episode is Jamie Woodhouse, an advocate for evidence, reason, and compassion for all sentient things through the philosophy of Sentientism.

Learn more about Jamie’s work here ⇩

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