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Q&A 1 – Your Popular Fitness Questions (Nucleus Overload, Fitness Tips, Veganism) & More!

This video is a Q&A where I answer your most popular questions about fitness, health and more!

I took your most popular fitness questions! Leave a comment and i will take the best and most popular questions!

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Q1. How can i lose my belly fat tire
01:55 – Q2. Are you vegan?
02:22 – Q3. Can i gain muscle with bodyweight movements?
02:58 – Q4. Is the Avatar program good for losing weight?
04:03 – Q5. How many years have you been training?
04:59 – Q6. Any good vegan breakfast ideas?
06:12 – Q7. How much can you deadlift?
06:25 – Q8. Bruce Lee VS Mike Tyson?
07:02 – Q9. How can i reduce my blood pressure?
08:38 – Q10. Should i workout during nucleus overload?
08:56 – Q11. Can i do N.O. for more than 1 muscle group at once?
09:47 – Q12. Should i take steroids if i want to look like “The Rock”?
10:38 – How can i learn to do a muscle up?
11:29 – Can i actually bend the elements for real with the avatar workout?

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