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Nutrition Expert: The BEST Diet Hacks For Better Health | Dr. Hazel Wallace (E035)

Dr Hazel Wallace is a medical doctor, registered associate nutritionist and the founder of ‘The Food Medic’, a hub dedicated to health and nutrition. After losing her father to a stroke at 14, Hazel set out to dispel common health myths and educate the public on achieving better health through nutrition and lifestyle. Dr. Hazel’s expertise and bestselling books have positioned her as a key voice in women’s health, offering science-backed information on topics such as women’s training, hormones, and overall well-being to her community. Tune in for the next hour as we discuss a range of health and nutrition-based areas, some of which as follows:

0:00 Dr Hazel’s medical / nutritional background & the beginnings of ‘TheFoodMedic’
6:22 Common nutrition misconceptions & the truth behind the “perfect” diet
9:33 Optimising your diet with wholefoods versus supplements
11:12 The main foods should you consume more of & avoid
15:00 Specific diets (paleo, keto and vegan)
20:02 The health differences between men and women
22:30 Female exercise fundamentals: menstrual cycle-phased training
29:12 Birth control & hormonal contraception
32:00 Periods & PMS
33:40 The extreme case of steroid use in women: the masculinisation of steroids on female appearance
37:30 Tracking your macros & calories (when should you and how?)
41:10 Harmful trends in the fitness industry & balancing your hormones
44:12 The “trend” of supplements & vitamins
47:00 Caffeine & the shocking truth about pre-workouts
49:04 Prioritise your recovery & planning a smarter workout plan
55:00 Dr Hazel’s training focus
56:52 Cardio-based training & the health benefits of running
1:01:25 Mike Thurston’s goals in 2024
1:05:19 The social influence of a good physique
1:07:10 Social media: staying relevant & authentic vs selling out / slow but steady growth over short bursts
1:11:20 Natural vs enhanced: Mike’s anecdote & dealing with steroid accusations
1:15:35 Lifestyle & health: mastering the basics (sun exposure, sleep)
1:19:10 Alcohol
1:24:00 Boosting productivity & the importance of sleep
1:27:00 Dr. Hazel’s weekly routine

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