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Make one pan meal prep | Cast iron cooking | Vegan

Make one pan meal prep | Cast iron cooking | Vegan

Hey foodies. Today, I’m sharing a game-changing, high protein, cast iron cooking meal prep recipe: Vegan and heavily influenced by my American Diner-Style and English Breakfast Hash experiences. Crispy potatoes, savory Tofu, mushrooms and vibrant veggies—all in one pan. It’s the ultimate one-pot meal prep for all day eating.

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We’re chefs (and are vegan) that have been working in commercial kitchens our whole lives. We want you to cook and be in control and when you don’t have time to cook (or don’t want too) we have for your convenience and Plant Based pleasure.

TOFU HASH : Cast Iron pan

2 100g Tofu blocks Extra Firm, cubed (1 smoked- 1 plain)
7 bigger than baby potatoes or 2 Med Potatoes, cubed NOT BOILED.
11 Med size chestnut or button mushrooms, trim stem
Handful cherry tomatoes
2 Shallots, sliced thin
2 Kale stalks, leaves picked and shredded
2 TBS Chives, chopped
2 TBS butter, plant based or Olive oil
2 TBS pickled Jalapenos with juice

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