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Lean & Green – Outer Aisle Vegetarian Quesadilla

Try this quick & easy recipe the next time you’re craving quesadillas! I love how versatile the Outer Aisle thins and crusts can be – they’re my favorite healthy alternative.

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▫️1 Outer Aisle Crust (1/3 Lean, 1 Green)
▫️1.33oz La Vaquita Oaxaca Melting Cheese (1/3 Lean Protein)
▫️.76oz Portabella Mushrooms, sliced (.5 Green)
▫️.44oz Spinach (.25 Green)
▫️.39oz Jalapeños (.25 Green)
▫️1/2 tsp Garlic, minced .5 Condiment)
▫️1 tbsp Sour Cream (1 Condiment)
▫️Dash of Salt & Pepper

▪️Start by lightly spraying a skillet with cooking oil. Over medium to low heat sauté the sliced mushrooms, spinach & jalapeños with garlic. Cook down until wilted. Sprinkle with salt & pepper.
▪️Remove from skillet and set aside to use for filling.
▪️Over medium high heat begin to heat up the Outer Aisle Crust. Once it starts to brown, flip over and add quesadilla filling to half of the crust. Layer cheese on top. Fold over the other half to form the quesadilla. Lightly press down with spatula to thoroughly melt the cheese. Flip over again and continue to cook. Once your cheese has melted all the way through remove from skillet. Serve with sour cream & enjoy!

Yields 1 Serving:
2/3 Lean Protein, 2 Greens, 1.5 Condiments

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