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How To Go Vegan On A Budget?

How to Go Vegan on a BUDGET at Walmart ????????

Stay AWAY from processed foods.

The reason they’re so expensive is because you’re buying for convenience.

It’s pre-made, and all you have to do is heat it up.

To minimize your price, focus on whole foods. Things like:

???? Black beans:

It’s only $2.57 and is rich in amino acids and protein.

???? Brown rice:

This whole bag is $7.12 and has amino acids to help build lean muscle. It also has healthy carbs and fiber to help your gut health, too.

???? Extra firm tofu:

This is a GREAT source of protein and per block it’s only $2.48.

???? Tempeh is also a great option:

These are fermented beans and are $3.20. They’re extremely rich in protein with about 40-70 grams.

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