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How to do veganism WELL as a ballet dancer (+ WATCH ME COOK INTUITIVELY!) | TwinTalksBallet

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Hey, y’all! I contemplated splitting this into two parts, but I didn’t want to delay my next video that I’m so excited about, in which I share my honest journey towards becoming confident and at peace with my dancing and with myself (+ tips on how you can achieve the same state of mind). Subscribe and turn on notifications so you won’t miss it!
That video was inspired by some great suggestions for lovely viewers like you. If you have a topic you would like for me to address, don’t be shy – leave me a comment or DM me on Instagram (@twintalksballet).

The food tracking website I mentioned:


Vitamin D spray:
Vitamin D pill:
B12 pill:
B12 spray:
Vegan DHA:
Vegan DHEA:

My FAV protein powder:

Check out Imperfect Produce!

Use my code TTBALLET50 to get 50% OFF YOUR FIRST BOX!!!

*IP currently delivers to CA, OR, WA, TX, IL, IN, WI, MD, and VA (USA).
If you’re in the US and IP does not yet deliver to your area, reach out and express the demand for it in your community!

If you are not able to get a box from Imperfect Produce, I strongly encourage you to reach for produce in the grocery store that is edible, but not perfect. So many people refuse to buy fruits and veggies with tiny “imperfections”, which perpetuates the problem of billions of pounds of perfectly good food being thrown away. Buy local, eat seasonally, and pick up the imperfect fruits and veggies as much as possible! The action might seem small, but it seriously adds up and makes you a more conscious consumer! Let’s live consciously and be empowered to let the small changes add up!


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