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Getting Raw with Ashley Chong | a conversation on Raw Veganism and Mothering

I’m delighted in this Getting Raw video to share with you the conversation I recently had with Ashley Chong of @rawandradiant, on the topics of raw veganism and mothering (and how both topics dovetail beautifully from one another)!

Ashley is a 9 year raw vegan who lost over 127 lbs on this lifestyle and shares about her journey with many on her platforms. She is also a mother and drops some great wisdom around mothering and tips on navigating social challenges around the diet of one’s child, in this interview.

I hope you enjoy the conversation! Please share the video with anyone you think might resonate and be sure to check out more of Ashley’s work here:

ALSO Ashley and I will be doing an IG live together on Thursday September 16 at 2pm EDT so please come join the conversation— an all raw veganism, and spend time with us!

Much love,

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