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Foods that fight inflammation (eat these!) ????

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Eat the rainbow
3:11 Cover your bases
3:47 Spice up your life
5:18 Bulk up on beans
6:30 Fuel up on fibre
7:18 Get omega-3 rich
8:13 Foods to limit or avoid
8:45 Summary + Outro

1:51 Sweet & sour stir fry:
1:57 Black bean salad jar:
2:21 Creamy peanut soup:
2:26 Sunrise smoothie:
2:33 Potato & pea curry:
2:39 Hummus pasta bake:
2:50 Blueberry smoothie:
2:57 Chipotle fajitas:
3:36 Golden curry soup:
4:28 Italian spice mix:
4:35 Caramelized onion pizza:
4:40 Lentil pasta:
5:01 Vegan butter β€˜chicken’:
5:05 Golden milk:
5:14 Golden latte drink mix:
5:29 Black bean oatmeal:
5:42 Sweet potato chili:
6:09 Spicy garlic tofu:
6:23 Onigirazu (rice sandwich):
6:52 Blueberry almond oatmeal:
7:05 Bulgur salad in a jar:
7:07 Chocolate granola:
7:11 Yogurt berry breakfast bars:
7:35 Green mango smoothie:
7:48 Super seed mix:
8:39 Chickpea omelette sandwich:
9:10 Baked berry oatmeal:

🌱 Inflammation:
🌱 Soy:
🌱 Omega-3:

⏰ 20-minute vegan meals:
🍱 Must-try vegan lunches:
🌞 Easy breakfast oatmeal recipes:

Β» Food processor:
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Β» Saucepan:
Β» SautΓ© pan:
Β» Large pot:
Β» Knife set:
Β» Cutting board:
Β» Air-tight containers:
Β» Measuring cups:
Β» Measuring spoons:
Β» Mason jars:
Β» Mini spice jars:

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