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CHEAP Vegan Grocery Shopping for Fat Loss! $35 weekly Budget + Lots of Fat Loss Tips

We’re showing you how to be vegan at Aldi while ONLY spending $35 for the whole week. It actually came out to $31.08 to be exact.

00:00 Intro
01:30 Bad snacks for fat loss
05:03 The meals we’re making
05:34 Low Calorie Buns
06:04 Low Calorie Bread
09:19 Produce Section
12:48 Potatoes & Oats
14:55 Plant based milks
17:50 Bad Juices for fat loss
19:04 Plant based burgers & comparing macros
22:51 Rice, beans & Lentils
25:05 Tortillas
27:30 Pasta and Comparing macros
29:34 More Produce
30:02 Rice
31:17 Checking out
32:18 Wrapping up

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