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A Beginner’s Guide to Going Vegetarian // Easy Tips: How to Become Vegetarian | Edukale

A Beginner’s Guide to Going Vegetarian // Easy Tips: How to Become Vegetarian | Edukale

A beginner’s guide to going vegetarian // easy tips for how to become vegetarian.

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Since learning that I am vegetarian, a lot of you have been asking for videos on how to become vegetarian, protein for vegetarians, eating out as a vegetarian, etc. So I thought I would create a little vegetarian beginner’s guide to give you the vegetarianism basics!
I’m going to address all of the above questions + talk about what being vegetarian means, the different steps to becoming vegetarian, how to find vegetarian recipes, vegetarian pantry essentials, as well as common mistakes new vegetarians make!
Hopefully you found this beginner’s guide to vegetarianism helpful!
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Best tips for new vegetarians and more q&a:
Veganism for beginners:
How French people plan their meals:
All about protein:
Iron-rich foods:

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