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Vegan Pal Payasam – Milk & Rice Pudding

Yes, I veganised an Indian dessert that literally translates to Milk Pudding! And I promise it tastes exactly like the pal payasam I remember eating growing up.
This Payasam is my coping mechanism for celebrating Onam: the harvest festival of Kerala (the state of India that I originate from).
The cooked-down milk and rice for a creamy texture, the fried cashews, and raisins, and the cardamom, are all simple ingredients but together form a delicious dessert and I need you to make it. Seriously.

Serves 6

For the base of the payasam:
2 cups Soy milk (480 g)
3 cups Water (720 g); Milk to water ratio 2:3 by volume
1/4 cup Raw Rice (47 g)
1/3 cup Sugar (67 g)
4-5 Cardamom pods shelled and powdered fine
Tempering with nuts and dried fruit:
2 tsp Vegan ghee sub with avocado oil, deodorized coconut oil, or any other neutral oil
8-10 cashew nuts halved
8-10 raisins

Full recipe with tips and details:

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