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#46 Ten Tips to Thrive: Mastering the Keto Vegan Lifestyle

#46 Ten Tips to Thrive: Mastering the Keto Vegan Lifestyle

Welcome to The Keto Vegan podcast, where Rachel blends the best of both worlds: the ketogenic diet and vegan lifestyle! In today’s episode Rachel dives into ten essential tips that will guide you towards a successful and fulfilling keto vegan life.

First up, Rachel discusses the importance of planning your meals each week and the benefits of batch cooking. This not only saves time but also ensures you always have delicious, keto-friendly vegan meals ready to go. Next, she talks about why it’s crucial not to starve yourself when starting out. Keeping hunger at bay helps prevent those tempting binge-eating episodes.
She also explores the advantages of shopping online to avoid unnecessary temptations and why it’s great to try something new that’s both keto and vegan. Don’t forget about supplements—they can be a key part of maintaining your health on this diet.

Have you heard of urinalysis strips? Rachel explains how they can help you monitor your ketone levels. Plus, she delves into maintaining a positive mind and body vibration, and the benefits of intermittent fasting.
Visualisation and self-love, including mirror work, are powerful tools for any lifestyle change, and Rachel shows you how to incorporate these practices into your daily routine.
So, get ready to take notes and transform your keto vegan journey with these ten valuable tips.

Valuable Resources
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Host Bio
Rachel, a once morbidly obese individual, experienced a remarkable body transformation through the keto diet. Later, she embraced veganism and now shares her extensive knowledge and obsession with carbs in vegan proteins on The Keto Vegan podcast. Her goal is to demonstrate the simplicity of combining the keto diet with a vegan lifestyle.
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