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Why I STOPPED Spirulina or Blue Spirulina – [Concerning Side Effect]

In this video, I will talk about why I started taking spirulina and then why I decided to stop taking spirulina. This potential side effect applies to regular spirulina and possibly blue spirulina.
UPDATE: Better Alternative to Spirulina (More Benefits & Safer)👉
Spirulina vs Chlorella In-Depth Episode (Longer but more detailed)👉
Spirulina vs Chlorella Study👉

Alternative to Spirulina (Chlorella – This is what I use now instead. See video link above for why) 👉

Spirulina is NOT a Great Protein Source (Here’s Why):

Dr. Michael Greger on Spirulina and blue-green algae toxicity and neurotoxins:
Dr. Klaper on pseudo-B12 in Spirulina:
Dr. Gregor also talks about pseudo-B12 in Spirulina which might even block real B12 absorption (around 3.5 minutes into video):

Best B12 Supplements👉

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