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What You Need To Know Before You Take Another Sip Of V8

Could’ve had a V8? Love it or hate it, Campbell’s tomato-based juice has been around for decades, making fans of health-conscious folks and Bloody Mary connoisseurs alike. Today, V8 comes in a wide variety of styles and flavors, so even if you hate the idea of drinking straight vegetable juice, chances are there’s a fruit forward version of V8 to suit your palate.

But there’s plenty you might not know about this veggie heavy beverage. Curious about the product’s Great Depression-era history? How about its more recent gym-centric misses? Here’s what you need to know before you take another sip of V8.

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V8’s Long History | 0:00
V8’s Name | 0:56
What’s in a V8? | 1:44
V8’s Celery Farm | 3:45
Healthy or not? | 4:58
Supplementing vs replacing | 6:17
Ronald Reagan and V8 | 7:37
Wheel of fortune and V8 | 8:14
Number one demographic | 9:09
Rebranding V8 | 10:14
Failed V8 products | 11:50

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