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Weight loss Smoothie (lose 5 kg in a month) | Vegan Smoothie Recipe | Smoothie | Aarum's Kitchen

Weight loss Smoothie (lose 5 kg in a month) | Vegan Smoothie Recipe | Smoothie | Aarum’s Kitchen

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This smoothie recipe is very helpful in weight loss as there is no milk, no sugar, no curd, no fruit ain this smoothie. It has very less calories and is very tasty. It takes only 2 minutes to make this tasty smoothie. People on vegan diet can consume this vegan smoothie and enjoy the taste while continuing with their weight management goals. For this Weight lose smoothie recipe i have used makhana as the base and added chia seeds, almonds, dates, cinnamon powder to make wholesome. you can alternately use flax seeds, add peanuts, honey cashew, choco powder etc to make your own variant of this smoothie recipe. I love smoothies specially for breakfast and i have shared many breakfast smoothie recipes for weight loss, this smoothie you can have in dinner also. So try this smoothie recipe and tell me if you like it.

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