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Vegan Since 1951! 32 Years Raw! A Natural Man of Many Skills; Mark Huberman

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00:00 Introducing Mark Huberman
26:08 What about criminal cases
against vegan parents?
29:33 What foods do you eat?
35:27 Are there certain foods vegan children need to eat more or less of?
38:34 What other foods do you like to focus on?
42:30 Give us a quick tour of your vegan kitchen and garden!
48:40 Why did your parents raise you vegan?
52:52 Are you raising your children vegan?
58:32 Do you take medications or supplements?
1:02:58 Any medical conditions?
1:06:53 Why is it important for others to be vegan?
1:11:26 In what ways was being a vegan child challenging?
1:15:54 Resources for raising children vegan
1:17:48 Favorite Quote
1:18:39 How do you suggest others get started?

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