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Surprised with the taste of Green beans pennywort recipe | Vegan smoothies | Cooking Art

Hot summer days are indispensable for Vegan smoothies healthy drinks.
The combination of Green beans and pennywort makes for a wonderful vegetarian drink flavor.
Pennywort is a leafy green vegetable packed with nutrients and vitamins.
It is also a healthy drink breakfast and It is also a healthy drink breakfast and also a great breakfast drink for weight loss.

***Recipe (4 servings)
500g pennywort
150g Green beans
100 ml of condensed milk

***Directions for Vegan smoothies
Soak mung beans in water for about 1 hour.
Put in a pot, pour water on the surface of mung beans, heat on low heat until mung beans are soft.
Pennywort cleaned, rooted, chopped, then 300 ml of boiled water to cool and puree.
Strain the pennywort through the cloth bag to get the water. Put back in the blender with green beans, puree again.
Pour out the cup and enjoy it!
Try this Vegan smoothies recipe for this summer

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