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New Juice Recipe from Watermelon: Cooking “Pancakes” from Watermelon Jam

We made delicious sugar and jam from watermelon We made pancakes with biscuits from watermelon jam.!
00:00 Trailer Video!
00:09 Azerbaijan! Pirshagi!
00:14 August 14 Early in the morning!
00:26 We Made Watermelon Jam and Sugar and Baked Watermelon Pancakes!
03:17 Sugar!
06:32 Vegetable Oil!
08:45 Sugar!
08:55 Watermelon Sugar Scoops!
09:37 Ice!
09:43 Watermelon Juice!
10:44 Condensed Milk!
10:54 Coffee!
11:07 Watermelon Coffee Boiled Milk Milkshake!
11:12 Cream!
12:41 10 Eggs!
12:48 Cupcakes with Watermelon Jam!
13:13 Sugar!
13:53 2 cups of flour!
14:09 Half a Teaspoon of Baking Soda!
14:50 We cook in 180 degree oven!
19:34 Banu! Turn off the lights!
19:40 Banu! Turn on the lights!
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19:47 This is Our Smart Garden!
19:48 They write in the reviews, What is Smart?!
19:52 “SMART WORD”! It means Smart in translation!

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