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Mango smoothie recipe using ripe mango/mangoes (yellow mango or Alphonso mango). This tropical smoothie recipe uses the simplest ingredients: yellow mango (a tropical fruit), some medium-ripe banana fruit (another tropical fruit!), fresh milk (or evaporated milk), and some ice.

Tropical fruit smoothie recipes like this one, area great breakfast smoothies, and late afternoon snack especially during hot summer days!

BONUS FOOTAGE: This video will also show you how to cut a mango!

πŸ“Œ Tips and Tricks:
TIP: If you don’t have any ice handy, you can also freeze cut mango or dice mangoes and use it for making this tropical smoothie recipe, this will make your smoothie nice and cool.

TIP: Adding ICE on your smoothie. The more you blend the smoothie using any smoothie blender, the smoother the consistency of the smoothie will be, grinding the ice finely/smoothly.

TIP: You can adjust the amount of fresh milk or evaporated milk, as well as the ice to make the smoothie thicker or thinner in consistency. Adding either fresh milk or evaporated milk in this recipe makes the smoothie creamier.

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