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I Tried Veggie Smoothies | 5 Smoothie Recipes for Meal Prep

I tried veggie smoothies for the first time and came up with five different recipes! Watch to see how this experiment went down:

00:00 Veggie smoothie ingredients
00:57 How to prep the ingredients and the containers
3:05 Smoothie #1 (spinach, cauliflower, banana, mangoes, peaches, pineapple, greek yogurt)
4:02 Smoothie #2 (spinach, cauliflower, banana, blueberries, greek yogurt)
4:41 Smoothie #3 (cauliflower, carrots, sweet potato, banana, greek yogurt)
5:26 Smoothie #4 (spinach, avocado, mandarin, mango, p[each, banana, greek yogurt)
5:54 Smoothie #5 (spinach, pineapple, mango, banana, peach, blueberries)
6:32 How to store the smoothies and leftover ingredients
8:06 How I blend each smoothie and my reactions

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Cutting board
Vitamix blender

»How to freeze fresh produce:
» How to save money on food
»How to make a meal plan:
»How I got into meal prep:

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Thanks for watching! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite smoothie combination is!

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