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How to Prep a Whole Pineapple #shorts #fruit #howto #mealprep #recipe #cooking #food

I used to work at a juice bar and this is how I learned to cut pineapple!
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Do you prefer canned or fresh pineapple?
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Hi! My name is Kiarra and I’m a software automation engineer, food enthusiast, sci-fi nerd, and aspiring actress — all wrapped into one! I don’t really know where this channel is going, which maybe isn’t the most professional way to go about it, but I have two other professions I can be professional in. This is for fun! I eat a mostly plant-based diet, almost always vegan at home with a few cultural exceptions, and mostly but not strictly vegan when I eat out. The only thing I’m strict about is I don’t eat beef. I say all this because you’ll see a lot vegan/plant-based stuff on my channel, and while I was vegan at one point, I’m not anymore and I don’t want to claim to be anything I’m not. Follow along with me as I cook, try fun foods, and possibly go on a few Star Trek related tangents!

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