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How I freeze my juices using mason jars details in comments

How I freeze my juices ⬇️ I use mason jars to freeze haven’t had issues with them, make sure to leave space!

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It’s hard to stay consistent with juicing especially when you have other things going on like work, school, etc! We get busy! this is to help make drinking green juices consistent in your life especially if you don’t have time to juice everyday!
I’m using @ballcanning mason jars for my juices I use them for freezing soups and other liquids they’re the best!
Cold pressed Juices last up to 72 hours (nutrient wise) properly sealed. It’s always best to drink right away but I understand that not everyone can do that. If you need longer freeze to preserve the nutrients and thaw when ready to drink. (Don’t fill mason Jar all the way when freezing) Or cut recipe in half and juice the other half later in the week.

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Directions ⬇️
1. Grab a mason jar and leave 1 inch of space or more when filling. If storing in fridge and drinking within 72 hours fill jar all the way to the top.
2. Add the lids to mason jars and screw on.
3. Add juices to freezer that you don’t plan on drinking within 72 hours
4. When ready to drink take out of freezer the day before (18-24 hours before) you plan on drinking and thaw out in the fridge.
5. That’s it!

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