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EVERY VEGAN SNACK you can buy at convenience stores in Japan

Okay, so maybe not EVERY snack but come on, it’s already 13 minutes long. Surprisingly there’s actually quite a lot of vegan snacks available at Japanese convenience stores so get ready to pause and screenshot the whole video cuz I had to move through them fast!

You didn’t think I was going to upload a video about vegan food and not have a disclaimer did you? Haha ha.
Yeah, I said most of it in the video but whatever, people don’t listen so here we go again: It’s hard to know if products are 100% vegan in Japan because sometimes the “allergens” listed are just precautionary meaning “may contain traces of” and sometimes they actually do contain it. It’s because of this confusion that I’ve decided to just go by what is written in the ingredients. If none of the ingredients contain animal products as far as I can tell, I’ll let it slide, but please let me know if something I’ve listed is incorrect 🙂 I’ll be happy to update the description.

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