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Energy & Immune Boosting Smoothies to Start Your Day Off Right! | plant-based, vegan

We are making three healthy smoothies to kick off the New Year. We will start with an Energy Boosting Smoothie, next we will make an Immune Boosting Smoothie and lastly we will make my family’s tried and true Green Smoothie which we have every day.

Do you ever have one of those days when you need an extra little push to make it through the day? If so, this Energy-Boosting Smoothie may be just what you need. Filled with wonderfully fresh ingredients packed with energizing properties, it will feed your body and hopefully give that extra energy you need.

Fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grain feed our body excellent fuel to produce energy. We want to pack as much of these into our diet a possible. This wonderful energy-boosting smoothie does just that, and it is also absolutely delicious.

The Immune Boosting Smoothie is as delicious as it is beautiful. The yellow-orange color is so enticing, and wait until you try its amazing taste. The citrus and ginger give it a fresh, rejuvenating, and healthy flavor. It is delicious enough to be a comfort drink, but the best thing of all is that it is packed full of wonderful immune-boosting ingredients. When I need an extra boost of protection, I make this smoothie.

Have you heard the saying, “you are what you eat”? There is a lot of truth to this simple statement. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs have healing properties, and we can take full advantage of those properties by adding them into our diet. And what better way to incorporate them than a wonderfully delicious and creamy smoothie.

All these recipes are completely plant-based and vegan.





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