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Are Soylent, Huel, and Other Meal Replacements Healthy?

Is it the future of eating or just a bag of processed foods? An in-depth look at the ingredients in three meal replacements: Soylent, Huel, and Ka’Chava.
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Soylent Ingredients:

Maltodextrin Quote:

5 servings soy, 4 grams leucine raised IGF-1:

NIH Info on Iron:

Blood Fat Spike from Canola:

Coconut Oil Raises LDL:

My BCAA video:

Calcium Supplementation and Atherosclerosis:

Huel Ingredients:

Airline Pilot DNA Damage and Antioxidants Study:

Beta Carotene Supplements and Lung Cancer:

Mouse Study on Retinyl Palmitate:

Ka’Chava Ingredients:

Freeze Dried Fruit Study:

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