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10 Delicious High-Protein Shake & Smoothie Recipes | Myprotein

We’ve put together 10 of our tastiest protein shake and protein smoothie recipes — perfect for a healthy breakfast or muscle-building post-workout drink.

Looking for the best protein shake recipe? In this video we’ve got plenty of protein shake ideas for you to put to the test, including protein shakes for muscle building, weight loss, and weight gain.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:06 – Classic Chocolate Shake
00:34 – Nutty Banana Shake
01:07 – Full On Fruity Smoothie
01:42 – Totally Tropical Smoothie
02:17 – Get Your Greens Smoothie
02:46 – Post Workout Pick-Me-Up Shake
03:16 – Vegan Berry Burst Smoothie
03:43 – Protein Frappe
04:12 – Simple Keto Shake
04:45 – Bulk It Up Shake


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10 Delicious High-Protein Shake & Smoothie Recipes | Myprotein


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