Three-Four Ingredient Easy and Inexpensive Plant-Based Meals.

Spend a week with Gustavo getting back on the wagon with very easy and inexpensive meal ideas that require only 3-4 ingredients. You will experience the magic of detox and ReSET. Replays always available so you don’t have to log in for every session. You can contribute the suggested amount or you can choose your own amount.

How does it work?
The “Detox & ReSET 7-Day Program with Gustavo” resembles a “reality TV show” with three daily broadcasts that feature what I eat, how I make it and an open Q&A session to answer ALL your questions. We log in live for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for each and every day of the 7 days. There are a total of 23 sessions and all of them are recorded with replays available at any time to watch again and again.

We enjoy healthy, unprocessed food for one week with a fun and innovative program that includes a veggie day, a fruit day, and a fasting day strategically placed during the 7 days (fasting day is optional). If you don’t need to lose weight, it is OK! You will follow a modified plan.

All meals are whole-food, plant-based, no salt, sugar, flour, oil, and preferably no caffeine, and no alcohol for 7 days. There is some flexibility built into the program. Meal ideas contain 3 or 4 ingredients only and are easy to put together and exceptionally delicious and affordable.

We learn powerful strategies and mind games that change the way you look at food and react to food forever. You will be in control once and for all and food will not control you.

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