This ONE POT Recipe will have someone asking YOU, “Marry me!?” | Easy Vegan and Vegetarian Meals

This ONE POT Recipe will have someone asking YOU, “Marry me!?” | Easy Vegan and Vegetarian Meals

This vegan marry me sauce with tofu is absolutely a dish that you HAVE to make. Vegan Marry Me Tofu is made in one pot and gives lots of Tuscan vibes!

Give it a try a let me know what you think!

★Full Recipe Instructions★


00:00 how to make vegan marry me sauce with tofu
00:00 marry me tofu finished
4:25 why do the simplest things cause kids excitement
5:40 Hi New Friends
5:50 Tofu substitutions
6:02 tofu tips
7:10 sides for this dish
7:16 what size skillet is best for this recipe
7:20 can I make this in a smaller batch for just 2 people
7:30 Cooking tips for marry me tofu
9:35 coconut cream substitutes
9:48 wine substitute
9:55 Number one tip for marry me sauce
10:24 Vegan parmesan substitute
10:34 spinach substitutes

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*Glass Measuring Cups:
*Glass Mixing Bowls –
*Hand Grater:
*Immersion Blender:
*Induction Burner:
*Kitchen Towels:
*Knife (Misen):
*Measuring Cup (Tall):
*Reusable Bags for Meal Prep: (the ones in the video are from Aldi)
*Tofu Press:
*Vitamix –
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