Spicy Chickpea Stir Fry Recipe Cooking In Village | Spicy Kadala |Vegetarian Breakfast for Villagers

Today, in our village, we prepared a special Sri Lankan spicy chickpeas recipe known as “දයියා රසට කඩල ටේස්ට්” (Dayiya Rasa Kadala Taste).

Yesterday evening, my father bought dry chickpeas from the local market and soaked them in water. This morning, we found that they had bloomed. We took them to the well, washed them, and loaded all our ingredients onto a tractor.

Family members, including my father, hopped onto the tractor, and we headed towards a common gathering place. There, we prepared a mouthwatering, hot and spicy stir-fried chickpea recipe. This is a vegetarian dish. Alongside it, we made a refreshing drink using lemon,mint leaves and basil seeds, mixed with sprite. (Not Sponsored) We shared this delicious food and drink with our fellow villagers and anyone passing by.

This practice is known as “Dansala” in Sri Lanka. It involves providing a free meal for anyone who passes by, allowing them to stop and enjoy a meal at no cost. Check out our Kadala-Dansala – the villagers loved it! We hope you enjoy the video too. If you liked it, please comment, share, and subscribe—your support means a lot to us!

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