Plant-Based Diets: Dental Health

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DESCRIPTION: Those eating more sour fruit may risk greater erosion of their tooth enamel (especially if teeth are brushed in a softened state), but there’s a simple solution. That was a long one! Normally I’d split it up across a few videos into a series but I didn’t want to leave people hanging. And I figure they’re easier to share with friends and family if it’s all packaged into one video. Well almost all–for other aspects of oral health check out the previous video Plant-Based Diets: Oral Health (

What’s so great about citrus? I’ve got a bunch of interesting videos coming down the pike, but there are a few on the site already that hint at the benefits: Preventing Strokes with Diet, Fat Burning Via Flavonoids ( and Boosting Heart Nerve Control (

Anything else people eating healthy diets should be aware of? The most important consideration is vitamin B12. See my blog posts Vitamin B12: how much, how often? ( and Vegan B12 deficiency: putting it into perspective (

I imagine there are those not happy with my mention of the F word, but I am not convinced by the concerns that have been raised about fluoride (see my Ask the Doctor answer The dangers of fluoride (tap water fluoridation)? though it may be possible to get too much in tea, especially for children. See my video Overdosing on Tea (

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Image Credit: Tambako the Jaguar via flickr, and Knutux via Wikimedia.

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