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So nowadays more and more people are talking about plant based diets, not only from a general health perspective but directly impacting the kidneys themselves.

You see you have two kidneys, which we consider like filters that clean the blood. Well these filters are actually made up of millions of tiny microscopic filters called nephrons. When you get kidney disease the damage is caused in those nephrons.

Western/ American diets are rich in animal protein and refined sugars, what they call a “meat & sweet” diet. This largely acid-producing diet, is thought to induce an oxidative stress and low-grade inflammation which can damage these microscopic kidney cells.

The benefits of eating a more plant based diet include:
Naturally alkalinizing/ Neutrilizing acid – thereby decreasing inflammation
More fiber, which improves gut health and increases the healthy bacteria in your gut
More vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

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Dr. Qasim Butt is board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He is also a certified skilled Interventional Nephrologist, who helps maintain dialysis access for patient.
This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Butt and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to give medical advice. All viewers are advised to consult their own doctors regarding specific health issues.

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