How We Beat Chronic Kidney Disease With A Plant Based Diet!

I have recently come across numerous that highlight the immense benefit of a low protein wholefood plant based diet for halting and in some cases even reversing chronic kidney disease. I also saw countless recovery stories from stage 3, 4 and even stage 5 chronic kidney disease using this same diet. In this video we look in depth at two stage 3 chronic kidney disease recoveries!

************ N. B *************
For those who have stage of chronic kidney disease you must consult your primary care doctor, nephrologist and renal dietician before making any changes to your diet!

Plant-based dietary approach to stage 3 chronic kidney disease with hyperphosphataemia

The key to halting progression of CKD might be in the produce market, not in the pharmacy

A special, supplemented ‘vegan’ diet for nephrotic patients

Vegetarianism: advantages and drawbacks in patients with chronic kidney diseases

Ameliorating Chronic Kidney Disease Using a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet


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