How to make a High Protein Denver Vegan Sandwich

Get ready for a game-changer in your vegan meal routine – my Soy-Free Denver Vegan Sandwich! 🥪

Here’s what you’ll need:

Two slices of your favorite bread 🍞
½ cup of white onions 🧅
40g of fresh spinach 🌿
½ cup of bell peppers 🫑
Two baby mushrooms 🍄
Four garlic cloves 🧄
1 tbsp of dairy-free cream cheese 🧀
A dash of turmeric, seasoned salt, and black salt 🌶️
170g of Big Mountain soy-free tofu 🌱

1) Start by spraying your pan and heating it to medium.
2) Add the mushrooms first, followed by the onions, bell peppers, and garlic. Sauté them until they’re beautifully caramelized. Then add the spinach.
3) Next, crumble in the soy-free tofu and add the dairy-free cream cheese.
4) Season with turmeric, seasoned salt, and black salt, mixing everything well.
5) While the tofu scramble cooks, toast your bread slices to perfection.
6) Assemble the sandwich by layering the tofu scramble between the toasted bread slices.

This sandwich packs a solid 43 grams of protein. It’s not just delicious; it’s a powerhouse for your workouts.

👉 So, are you ready to elevate your vegan meals? If you’re loving these kinds of recipes, show some love and drop two chef emojis in the comments! 👨🍳👨🍳

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